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  • Version: 20141209
  • Enter Employee Info: Name, ID, Annual Salary, Annual Basis, Position and Suffix.
  • Enter one or more Financial Info ledger line items:
    • For financial coding simply enter INDEX and ACCT, alternatively, enter FUND, ORGN, ACCT, and PROG.
    • Enter either Budget Amt, or Actual FTE, but not both.
    • Enter Start and End date (MM/DD/YYYY) for every Financial Info ledger line item.
  • Press the Submit button to generate your report.
  • Refresh the browser page to start over.
Employee Info:
Full Name: ID Number:    
Annual Salary: Annual Basis: Position: Suffix:
Financial Info:
Index Fund Orgn Acct Prog Actv Budget Amt Actual FTE Start Date Stop Date

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Effective date {{row.NICEBEG}} :: Monthly Salary ${{row.SUMASGN |number:2 }} :: Appointment Pct {{(row.PCTASGN * 100) |number:2 }}%
{{subrow.index}} {{}}  {{subrow.orgn}}  {{subrow.acct}}  {{subrow.prog}}  {{subrow.actv }}    {{(subrow.ASGNSAL/row.SUMASGN)*100 |number:2 }}%
ACCI FUND ORGN ACCT PROG ACTV Annual FTE Appointment Salary Actual FTE Start Stop
{{datarow.index}} {{}} {{datarow.orgn}} {{datarow.acct}} {{datarow.prog}} {{datarow.actv}} {{datarow.ANNF|number:4}} {{datarow.BDMT|number:2}} {{datarow.BDMT|number:2}} {{datarow.ACTF|number:4}} {{datarow.ACTF|number:4}} {{datarow.NICEBEG}} {{datarow.NICEEND}}
            {{dataroot.fininfo_data_record.totnnfte|number:4}} {{dataroot.fininfo_data_record.totalamt|number:2}}      
Submission Info:
  Name Phone
Prepared By
Dept Head
Grad. Sch. (GTFs)
  Print Sign Phone Date
Prepared By {{myModel.pprProcFullName}}   {{myModel.pprProcPhone}} {{myModel.currentDate}}
Dept Head {{myModel.pprDheadFullName}}   {{myModel.pprDheadPhone}}  
Dean/Dir {{myModel.pprDeanFullName}}   {{myModel.pprDeanPhone}}  
Grad. Sch.(GTFs) {{myModel.pprGtfFullName}}   {{myModel.pprGtfPhone}}  

HRIS PAW 07/2014

HRIS PAW version.20141211 This electronic document supersedes all previous versions and is subject to change.
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